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Patriots 13 - Rams 3

2022.01.23 11:52 SnooCupcakes8765 Patriots 13 - Rams 3

It’s fine to blame Rodgers, who did miss multiple wide open receivers. But every year we do some dumb shit in the playoffs that lose us games: Allowing Hail Marys/ long TDs before half time Not being prepared for read options with a mobile qb Not being prepared for fake FG Most recently, getting FG and punt blocked
When we do this over the span of a decade, it speaks to a lack of preparation and accountability within the organization.
Which brings me to the irony of this niners game. It was almost identical to the recent patriots rams super bowl! The score was 13-3. If we don’t a get a short FG blocked and punt blocked, we would likely have won 13-3. The patriots just don’t shoot themselves in the foot like we do.
Regardless of who is at qb in coming years, we aren’t winning shit if we don’t stop our self sabotage. This on Matt LaFleur to bring a culture of accountability to Green Bay. Take responsibility for all facets of the game. Address issues immediately if they arise and be willing to fire/cut coaches and players and bring in the right people, mid season if need be.
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2022.01.23 11:52 snipershotfnfpro7896 WoW sHrEk Is In ThE bAtTlE pAsS:)

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2022.01.23 11:52 Vincent_Lionheart Polka City Joins CryptoWorldCon in Miami on April 2022

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2022.01.23 11:52 delphine492 Galactic Nexus

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2022.01.23 11:52 noneeduselesss Wtf is up with this sub

I didn’t use Reddit for a day and everyone on this sub are talking about sex and underage sex and all that…. What’s going on lmao
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2022.01.23 11:52 middlingwhiteguy Getting D.U.S.Ted by covid

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2022.01.23 11:52 Aza404 Making a new NATO watch strap with natural vegtan leather

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2022.01.23 11:52 Sorkiy8 Olivia's Dream Villa in Windsor Hills, Orlando

Olivia's Dream Villa in Windsor Hills, Orlando Olivia's Dream Villa in Windsor Hills, Orlando https://olivias-dream-villa-in-windsor-hills.usa8.info Located in the Windsor Hills neighborhood of Kissimmee, Florida, Olivia's Dream Villa offers a private outdoor pool with hot tub and free WiFi. Walt Disney World Resort is just 7 minutes' drive from the villa. 2657 Dinville Street, Celebration, Orlando, FL 34747, United States of America
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2022.01.23 11:52 JobSeekerJoe Not sure how much advice is too much advice

I have an unmarried couple who want to sell Home A owned by one of them and buy Home B by the other.
Should I bring up the fact that the sale of Home A will have taxable consequences if not used toward a (the) new home?
I also don't want to get into their relationship or encourage them to do something they will later regret.
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2022.01.23 11:52 SunlightSunlight Recover old text messages?

Last week my pixel 3 started constantly rebooting. Occasionally I was able to log on to the phone and it would work for a few hours but then it would go into reboot mode again. On Thursday it went to a constant state of rebooting for over 3 hours. I finally did a factory restore.
Everything was restored except for my text messages. All my messages from November, December and January are gone. Is there any way to get those text messages back? I've ordered the new 6 Pro which should be arriving on the next couple of days.
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2022.01.23 11:52 Difference_552 At the brink of divorce (perspective sought)

My wife (37F) and I (37M) have been living together 7 years and married 5 with no kids. We are currently contemplating divorce and I'm posting here to gain a little more perspective. Appreciate your responses, in advance.
Back story: In 2021, I had to leave the country for a year because of immigration reasons. The only options were that I stay in the country without a job or leave the country and retain my job working remote. We decided on the latter because her job alone was insufficient to support our mortgage and living expenses. It was a consensus decision. I went back to live with my parents in my home country (very far away).
The distance during that time revealed a lot of cracks in our relationship, so much so that we had a couple of discussions on separation during that time, and decided to not talk (around May) because we kept bickering whenever we did, saying some very mean things to each other.
Somewhere around the middle of last year, I had asked about visiting her (taking a leave of absence from work, since I still couldn't work in the country at the time), which she had declined saying she wanted time for herself to reflect. This was difficult for me to hear at the time, but I wanted her to have it because I was also making the best of my year away focusing on my wellness (midlife crisis).
I had suggested counseling for us twice in 2021 and was rejected by her both times.
Present: I came back in 2022 to our home to see all traces of me having been surgically removed (photo frames empty, some minor furniture changes, decor etc.). After some discussion, I realized that what I considered a 'break', she had taken as a separation leading to divorce.
Since we had not spoken a few months, we weren't on the same page. I expressed that I came here with an open mind, wanting to see if we could work on the marriage. She came fully convinced that she wanted out.
While we discussed the details, I realized I was mostly aligned with most of her reasoning of what was not great in our relationship (lack of desire, dead bedroom, mostly just friends/roommates, communication, empathy, goals misaligned). My difference in perspective was thinking we had lost the ability to communicate with one another and these were all "workable" because we fundamentally like and respect each other as individuals and care for one another as well.
The other point was related to her resentment and anger at what she calls "emotional abandonment" during last year. This came as a complete surprise to me because her family was somewhat around and I figured she was managing well, but have since understood that it was a tough time for her alone (she is an introvert). I sincerely apologized for my part in it, but believe it was a consensus decision that we both had to take to keep the roof on our heads. I also could not take responsibility for her not wanting me to visit her in the middle of last year. I suggested we go to counseling for the 3rd time and she declined.
At this point, she says she wants to get out, saying we should talk to lawyers. While I'm not fully convinced on the marriage as it stands, I did come in 50/50 wanting to give it a shot and see each other as our new selves and if we could reframe our marriage by putting in work into it. All my friends and family consider her reasons to not consider counseling or work on this an unwise decision on her part (phrasing is mine).
I am by no means absolving myself of many wrongs I committed in the marriage in the past (arrogance, lack of empathy and many others) but I believe that I was a good husband, which she broadly agrees with. We both have decent jobs, no substance issues, no physical abuse, were mostly civil with each other, love traveling and eating out and have quite a bit in common in our upbringing and values.
The difference between us is wanting to work on this or not. I know the writing is on the wall, and I'm handling it fairly dispassionately, but I do grieve that her being unwavering/obstinate is the last straw in this.
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2022.01.23 11:52 themangasaga Was this a good deal?

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2022.01.23 11:52 Eepdog Is there a solution/prevention for uncontrollable fur licking?

My Shihtzu has a terrible habit of licking her back or side, to the point she ended up licking all of her fur off her shoulder and ended up with a bald spot!
We had to cover her body up with a really big handkerchief, she's just swaddled in it atm. This is our temporary measure for until she gets examined by our vet. Unfortunately, our vet's clinic is closed during the latest covid surge.
Is there a remedy for her bad habit? It's not her diet because she eats dried dog food with zero poultry ingredients (wc sets her breed's allergies off like crazy), and it's not her shampoo bc it's odorless and paraben-free plus her mom (our other Shihtzu) doesn't suffer this issue.
Any help, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! 🐕
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2022.01.23 11:52 mr_coffee Move your arm right, left, up, and down, what order did you move your arms?

Did you move them up down and simply stopped?
Did you move them at all?
You see now we are getting more advanced.
I may give you an urge, I may tempt you to move something when in reality I don't want you to move it. Oh yes, this is when the fun starts, this is when you become a Master.
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2022.01.23 11:52 Remarkable_Drawing93 [PS4][Help] ancient wyvern @ archdragon peak - Password "fox"

Having trouble beating boss and getting to second bonfire
TBH all i want are the ashes lol
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2022.01.23 11:52 LFDFChris New to GTAonline on PC

Hi all,

I've joined the master race so that mean another purchase of gta looking for players to join on heists please
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2022.01.23 11:52 ROTTEN_SUSHI7 😍😍 thoughts?

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2022.01.23 11:52 tacticjelly Stunning American MILF Krissy Lyn got Her Ass Fucked Up Deep

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2022.01.23 11:52 Perfect_Level1404 High diastolic / low pulse pressure?

I have hyperadrenergic POTS and MCAS.
I often have normal systolic and high diastolic which creates a low pulse pressure which averages to about 25.
Does anyone with more knowledge know what may cause this?
Could it simply be dehydration?
It seems to happen more frequently during MCAS flares.
My cardiologist says my heart is healthy and doesn’t seem too concerned but I feel like she is ignoring the fact that when my diastolic is high I feel HORRIBLE.
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2022.01.23 11:52 _forum_mod What is an underrated gift that few people consider buying for someone?

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2022.01.23 11:52 jamesthedrummer69 the lightning port sucks. (Rant)

I have cleaned it on my 2020 SE (4 or 5 months old) extensively and it doesn't seem to work. This previously happened with my 8, but only after like 2 or 3 years. Wtf. And wireless charging is extremely inefficient, and the phone won't always recognize it's sitting on the wireless pad. Had it charging last night, woke up and the thing was completely drained. I think apple needs to be held accountable for how much e-waste they create by making inferior hardware, and for forcing everyone to install updates that purposely ruin the device you just spent hundreds of dollars on a year or two before. It really says something that my 2011 imac still runs simply because I stopped updating it at the right time.
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2022.01.23 11:52 Mavmaramis James White, Ambulance Ship, Orbit, 1986. Cover: John Harris. Sector General series no. 4. This edition omits Spacebird despite the copyright page giving it's previous publication history.

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2022.01.23 11:52 Filhopastry79 Mind The Gap.

Part 1.
We all have that one spot in our homes, what I call The Gap. I've called it that since I was very young, because my young vocabulary was limited - like all kids. Unlike all kids I have a condition that makes me very clumsy, my mom called it The Dropsies. Because I drop everything. Everything. I won't go into the details of my diagnosis, but it isn't anything life limiting, just irritating now I've mostly adapted. There's a lot of plastic in my kitchen though!
Anyway, the point is that when I was little and dropped things that then disappeared, my mom would ask what had happened and I would say "it fell in the gap", and it just became one of those things. My aptitude for clutzyness made things vanish. My parents would just roll their eyes, and chide each other for even handing me something they wanted to still possess. It was easily glazed over, they didn't ever really notice how fucking strange that was. I would be holding something, then arm spasm and the object just blinked out of existence. I noticed though.
I noticed it only ever happened on the right side of the house, near the walls. Dropped on the left of the home and it would just break or roll, even in the middle of the rooms on the right side. But by the wall, bye bye items. It became so upsetting I had awful nightmares, begged to swap rooms with my big sister Benny. (Her name was Bethany but I couldn't say her name properly so it came out Be'knee and so Benny was born.) I was terrified I would fall in The Gap, never to be seen again. I had horrific nightmares where I would see "Not Me" come crawling out of nothingness and steal my toys, a drink/snack, my mom's purse, my sister's homework. It didn't sound very scary to my family so they would be very frustrated at my hysterics over nothing. But they wouldn't listen that, most of the time, Not Me would bring those things back before I woke up so there was no proof. Not Me was exactly that, she was identical in every way - like looking in a mirror. But she wasn't me, and she had mean eyes, full of hate and rage and an obvious desire to try and get me into trouble. She didn't seem clumsy though, didn't drop anything.
I think I was about 10 before I realised I wasn't having nightmares. I had something akin to sleep paralysis, except with full awareness and not a hint of sleep in my young eyes. I'd not been allowed to sleep in Benny's room with her since she was about 12, a year or so before, and wanted her privacy. My parents refused to allow me in their room, thinking I needed to start dealing with my nightmares myself. Things got worse when I hit my teens. Not because the nights got any scarier, but because Not Me - obviously a bit slower than actual me - realised it wasn't dreaming either. Until then she had always been careful to not come near me, had never left the room, but she started bringing back the things my clumsy ass had dropped in The Gap. Then my family decided I was just trying to steal from them.
I dropped a knife in the kitchen, it fell in The Gap and mom was mad because it was her favourite "chopping knife". She found it in my room the next day. I dropped the TV remote, dad found it in my back pack a few days later. I dropped my sister's favourite cd, thankfully I found that in the bathroom myself because she would have definitely kicked my ass.
These couple of years were fraught with tension, arguments and me screaming to my family that they don't believe me. But one day, when I was about 15, the things stopped coming back. Plenty of stuff still fell in The Gap, but it stopped coming back and I stopped seeing Not me. No more "nightmares". After a few months I relaxed a bit, the arguments settled into just normal teen-parent disputes, and the family went back to just rolling their eyes at each other when I dffropped stuff in The Gap. I still tried to avoid the right side walls of the right side of the house though.
Only once did it ever really result in heartbreak for us. My dad was able to semi retire when I was about 17, and as promised, got us a dog. That had always been the deal; once we had one person who could be at home most of the time we could get a dog. Not before because it wouldn't be fair to have the dog home alone most of the day. We went to the local rescue and, honestly, we were chosen by Trevor. He's a golden lab, about 2 at the time we were chosen. I say he chose us because that's what happened, we were being shown round when he reached a paw through the cage and snagged his claws on my dad's leg. As soon as we all stopped to look, we knew he had decided he was coming home with us. And so it was.
Those 2 months were incredible. He fit right in to our lives and was like a sage old man, with the wisest advice held in his little chuffs. He would be with whoever needed him the most on any day. He had no favourite, but he was our favourite. With me he loved to play because I dropped the treats before I was meant to and would fall over comically when running. He was chasing me round the house, as always, and as I got into my room I tripped and fell. He tripped over me and skidded across the floor, away from my outstretched hand, and into The Gap. I sobbed for an hour and realised I was going to have to tell my family he ran away. They didn't believe in The Gap, not really. And so I called my dad and said "Trevor got away! He jumped the fence and I can't find him!" We hunted for days, put posters up. But I knew he wasn't coming back.
So, imagine my surprise, 10 years later, when he came back in the middle of the night. Along with Not Me. She, laughing, he, snarling. It was definitely my good boy Trevor, but he was changed by her. And as they walked back out of my bedroom, and I lay there paralysed, I knew bad things were coming my way.
I lay awake, shaking and silently crying all night. And when they came back into the house, slowly up the stairs with growls and grunting, into my room and sat on my bed - Trevor on my stiff, shaking legs - I knew my life was over. Not Me held a knife to my throat, and spoke for the first time. "I like this world much better. I'll enjoy destroying it.". She placed the knife on my bedside table, smeared blood on my face, and then sat by the wall. She called Trevor to her and when he trotted over she grabbed his collar, and rolled backwards into nothing. Gone. And I was able to move again. The blood wasn't mine, and I didn't think it was hers.
By then it was just me at home. Our parents had died within months of each other the year before, mom of cancer and dad of heartbreak mixed with whisky and driving. I moved home to sort everything out, Benny couldn't deal so just stayed away. The family home was mine. And I finally got a room on the left side of the house. In the years I'd lived away I remained clumsy, the dropsies never left me, but The Gap had been present only here. It was that period of time away that made me complacent I guess. It had all faded to the back of my mind.
The reappearance of those 2 fades from my childhood had unnerved me, understandably. They came every few nights, but I barely slept and had to clean up blood and damage every time they left. I was jumpy at work, snapping at my colleagues and friends, distracted and making mistakes. I did the unthinkable and accused my manager of being prejudiced because of my disability when she confronted me. She was so upset, but knew that if she pushed it and I complained to HR, that I could easily say she was treating me differently because of my condition, and so she tolerated my bad attitude, poor level of work and all round awful behaviour.
This is why, when the police arrived one day, all of my colleagues were able to say how much I had changed recently. And that is why it was so much easier for them to make the case against me. The charges of multiple crimes including theft, arson and murder were levied against me. And there was an embarrassment of proof. Apparently Not Me and I share DNA and finger prints. I'm not surprised. And as I sit, silently hearing all the horrendous things "I've" done, seeing the camera footage and stills, crime scene photos, I know she's ruined my entire life.
I have nobody left who believes me or will help. Even my lawyer obviously doesn't, so he's going for the insanity defence. My psych evaluation leads to a diagnosis of disassociative identity disorder. I'm, frankly, fucked.
So, how am I writing this for you now? Simple. I had to take my own life. That's how I escaped. I died.
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2022.01.23 11:52 ArmandoHarris55 **** Ghosts N Busters ****

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2022.01.23 11:52 Virtual-Advantage767 God of War Dark elves

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