SOS avocado plant

2022.01.23 12:13 sunchildnance SOS avocado plant

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2022.01.23 12:13 cannaquistador Maitri Amarena

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2022.01.23 12:13 Y-Mab-Darogan Accepting prom date applications in the dms now 🥸

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2022.01.23 12:13 Salladin22 Wesealbeard Part 6 The beardy Drinking

Heya all 211 Jerry bring some cringe again. Last time we watched beardy boi nearly become inmate with a game cabinet. This time with Drinking game with beard and Beard Lite. Let's great started with plugs and Cast list and then the story
Part 1:
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
I will ways to do this to thank ReddX for the hours of great content he has provided:
And if you donate to his Patreon that would be greatly appreciated:

The cast : OP is it me. Salladin22 at beginning of the our story quiet and nerdy. Becomes more louder and forthright when i join the Aussie Army. Nerd in the army oh noes.
Weaselbeard. WB. General telling lies to amp up his ego. Thinks himself at the time a master manipulator. But time makes fools of all. Oh yeah not keeping your story straight that doesn't help either.
Warlock: A great friend. We grew a part sadly after while. But good friends still. But don't see much since he lives in New Zealand now. He was general onlooker for most this.
Edge lord beard. or EBA beard in this own right. But to my knowledge did not lie and manipulated anyone. Just going on general teenage edge lord phase and add some beardy trendies into the mix
Hype: A good guy that gets a little over excited and loud.
Bucket Beard or BB: His name will become clear in this story.
Wookie: Loves star wars and other sci fi and is owner of house this took place in.
Changeling: She change her name and appearance many times since I have known her.
Gozzor: I good friend at the time. Ended up with a Legbeard sadly
Harvey: Not her real name obviously. But the nickname she when by at this time i have changed it also.
Songtress (or songbeard).: unfortunely weaselbeard after broke up her. She sadly devolved into legbeard. Learned to manipulate from WB. But we will get to that.
It all started with myself getting off work for the day. At this time I just transferred to military police from Artillery. Because at the time had to do a year service another core before transferring over. I was doing long hours at least 15 hours minimum. I has told by my Lieutenant 3 days of leave. Because my leave was piling up and he didn't want me to burn out. So i applied for leave and it got approved later that day.
I knew the first thing i would do. Is to travel to see my parents and my sisters. It was about two and half drive from i was stationed and second after seeing my folks and sisters was going see my friends. So called my parents letting them know i was coming to see and then called my friend Warlock
OP:" Heya mate just calling are any you guys free this weekend or Monday? Because I have three day leave"
Warlock:" Yeah man I'm free Saturday and Sunday but work Monday . Wookie having party on Saturday night. Pretty sure he wouldn't mind if come.
OP:" Right on man i call him see ok"
After talking to Warlock so a while but what going on in our lives. We said goodbye and I called Wookie
OP:"Heya bud long time no talk. Just calling to see it's cool i should up to your party on Saturday?"
Wookie" Yeah man it's all good. I haven't seen in ages. It's BYO alcohol if that's ok"
OP:"Yeah that's fine. I'll bring extra if you want"
Again after shooting the shit for a while with Wookie. I hang up got ready to make drive down to my hometown. The drive was pretty uneventful . I spent that Friday night with parents and sister and finally having homecooked meal.
Saturday night came and warlock came got from my parents house. All of us were going crash at Wookie's house if we got tired. So no one was driving drunk. We pulled up at Wookie's house and music was going the party was in full swing.
We walked steps and knocked on the door and Wookie opened the door.
Wookie:" Heya OP and Warlock come in we just crack open the booze"
We walked inside and everyone was here. I said my hellos and grab my bottle Jameson's from bag i brought and grabbed cup and started drinking. I was great time talking with everyone and catching up been going on. Hype, Metalhead, Bucket beard and Changeling were studying at university. ELB was apprenticed as locksmith. Wookie working at delivery company. Songstress just finished high school late last year and decide on gap year before community college the following year. Gozzor was working as well.
And what had Weasel beard been doing. He tell you he was working at video game development company and while waiting get approved to get into army, It only took me 3 months to get in and go off basic training. At this point it had almost two years since he said he applied.
Like to say I was calling with out on this bull shit at this point. But, I didn't. Thinking why would he lie about these things. Later found out the gaming development company had never heard of him.
So i was talking and generally having great time. When I overhear Bucket beard and Weasel Beard having conversation about how much alcohol everyone can drink. Bucket beard had just started drinking as this point. He was surprised how much Weasel beard could drink. Do see where this going....
WB thinking BB is insulting in some way. Out of blue challenges BB to drinking contest.
WB:"Do you think do better than me. Then prove it."
BB: " No. That's not what i said. But, ok what's the game"
WB: " Shoot trains the most that go before tapping out or throw up wins"
OP: "Guys i don't think that's good idea. BB has just started drinking"
WB: " Op you too. Know you drink alot as well being Irish and being in the army"
Me thinking ah fuck shouldn't of said anything.
So WB line train of fours shots for the three of us. WB, BB and myself all ran the train of shots. I had no trouble was pretty sober at this point. WB was fine too. BB was was weary realising what he has gotten himself into.
Bb:"Ok let's go again. I'm ready."
OP"Just wait BB shots hit hard all at once. Just wait a bit before doing another group of shots"
WB:" Oh come OP BB saids he's fine"
I don't about other people when i shot any type of alcohol. There is a period of time i'm fine and then the alcohol hits me all at once. I was worried that BB might be the same.
The two beards didn't listen and WB had lined up another set of shots. So all three of us down this lot too. This time WB spoke up
WB: We should wait for 10 minutes and see how we go. Doing good BB?
BB starting to slur his words
BB:" yea' I'm fine. let's do more."
OP: "Wait a bit mate this isn't a alcohol poisoning speed run"
BB:" Ok I'll wait"
Ten minutes go past and people around the party have found out about this drinking competition and people were start gather around. At this was i was starting feel drunk but, i could do more. WB was sloppy drunk at this point and BB was worst.
OP"BB I think you should sit this round out mate. WB want to call it"
WB too drunk and too prideful for his own good.
WB:" Nah... I can keep goin'. What about you BB?"
At this point BB was staring into space with goofy smile on this face
BB:" wat?! yea I do the thing"
Everyone else looks around at each other we should really stop this. But, if they did i wouldn't have this story. So I pour train of three half shots but, WB see what I'm doing and grab the bottle and pours more in. I do the train and so do the BB and WB.
OP"OK now should wait awhile now. I think that's enough for now"
WB"OK then I'll go sit down"
BB staring into space again looking at little green.
About 20 minutes go by and we can he puking and it was BB. Wookie grabbed at bucket for BB.
BB grabbed the bucket and stoking it and puking in it. Between puking he confessing he's undying love for the bucket and Wookie and everyone. The shouts of his admiration the bucket didn't stop until passed out. Still holding his precious bucket.
And what about myself and WB.
WB was sprouting random crap and until he fell asleep in shower with clothes on and with water running and nearly drowned and almost flooded Wookie's Guest Bathroom.
Myself i was really drunk but slowed down and switching drinking water or other drinks. Because after BB love affair with the Bucket and WB's bull crap. I didn't give Wookie more trouble to deal with. It's fun night.
BB and WB woke up terrible hangovers and embarrassing stories of night before and here where end it for now. Next time unfortunately the story gets darker. We get to that. As ways I would like thank ReddX for hours of enjoyment and also like to thank the Reddx community as whole as well. Until next time all. All hail the Jerry army

211 Jerry Out
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2022.01.23 12:13 shanabailey Toyan FS-S100AS 4 Stroke Methanol RC Engine [EU] for 241.79 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $244.39) [EUROPE]

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Free wholesome award for whoever wants it
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2022.01.23 12:13 panthe10 Hangi tarafı tutuyorsunuz ve neden?

View Poll
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2022.01.23 12:13 Obvious_Traffic9193 What are you unpopular opinions about the first Terminator?

It's in the title.
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2022.01.23 12:13 levelupmoose Can ZC Justin Fields (with chems) be equipped with Gunslinger?

If I equip chems on Justin Fields, will it allow me to put gunslinger on him?
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2022.01.23 12:13 teuriochaimai Bald pussy

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2022.01.23 12:13 Taken48 I want to know more about BAT.

If I activate the ads where do I see them? Should I just navigate the Internet and see them random on a video or on a website? Should I dezactivate the Brave adblocker? Also how much money can you do in a month, I mean not in a very good month, in a normal month. Thanks
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2022.01.23 12:13 smilingfishfood Finally getting somewhere with this satyr, her design's been giving me problems for months now. I still need to clothe her.

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2022.01.23 12:13 thomdharmapollard Not All Episodes Showing in Apple Podcasts

Greetings, I currently have two active podcasts. On my older podcast I have 93 episodes. When I click on Apple Podcasts on my Macbook Pro it only shows up to episode #78. I can type in the title of a newer episode and 'find' it, but it doesn't appear in the directory of episodes.
This peculiar occurrence does not happen on other computers, nor does it happen on my iphone. I'm not interested in getting any sneaky exposure here by posting's just that it's flummoxed me and I'm unsure why it's happening, at least on that one computer. Perhaps this has happened to some of you and you've remedied the issue in some way.
I'll add that I have been on haitus for a couple months to get my newer podcast up and running. There are still a halfway decent amount of downloads, regardless.
Thanks for your insight.
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2022.01.23 12:13 JusatBeatz Future Bass Type Beat - Boundaries

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2022.01.23 12:13 niggito00 How long does the ranking take

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2022.01.23 12:13 chichilcitlalli Where am I, by Mondaze

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2022.01.23 12:13 Ed22890 Add snap to trade nudes (7inch) - girls add me only

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2022.01.23 12:13 BugzumDev Smartest rickroll?

Smartest rickroll?
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2022.01.23 12:13 FaithlessnessOk8652 Fictional character I'm in love with is possibly getting a love interest

Okay I know this sounds ridiculous but I am genuinely nervous about this. I have loved the fictional character ever since I watched the show but my obsession started last year. I would spend my day reading fanfiction and giggling over edits of her. Whenever I watch a show, I think about what she'd think of specific characters and I listen to songs I think she'd like. The thing is, she's a side character. And the lack of content drives me crazy. I've read all the fanfiction there is of her and I have started going through recent in the hash tags.
The lack of content made me create headcanons about her. That wasn't enough, so I put myself into her world. I drew a house that I lived in, and how far away it is from her house, which I made up too. Like the specifics too, the way my room looks, the way her room looks and little things and the story behind it.
I think I'm in love with her, and not in the comfort character way. And I don't want to stop. I don't want to put an effort in anyone else that isn't her. I don't want to meet my soulmate if it isn't her, as much as I long for mutual love.
Anyway, she's possibly getting a love interest in the next season. And I don't think I can handle it. I'm kind of jealous...? And not in the I wish that was me way but like the nooo betrayal way.
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2022.01.23 12:13 bruhh_____ Bruh

I just started and was wondering if anyone gives modded items ( I play on ps4)
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2022.01.23 12:13 wyndysascha Scandal and our actions

I was chatting to some friends a few days ago about the pastoral placement I'd just finished. Semi-jokingly, one of them said that the Church had a problem with parish priests ('PPs') getting into trouble because of their 'PPs'. Just as semi-jokingly, I replied that the litany of other problems the Church has were also "somewhat problematic".
And this led to the serious question being posed: how do you explain all this to people who might be prospective Church members? The litany I laid out included scandal, corruption, clericalism, and catechetical, doctrinal, and liturgical breakdown. These things aren't secret: they're very, very open. How do you explain that?
The Church I think the first thing to establish is an aspect of the nature of 'Church'. For a Catholic - other Christian communities may have differing understandings - 'the Church' is not a human organisation. It's divinely instituted as Christ's mystical body on earth, by Christ Himself. Its members are literally 'members' of that body (think of 'dismemberment', the removal of body parts): they act as part of the whole; and Christ is the head. This is why the Church doesn't err when acting 'as Church'.
But then you are faced the practical reality: the Church has members; and these members are sinful, dysfunctional human beings. We make mistakes. We are, at times, evil. Our pride clouds our reason and judgement. We reject God Himself. How does the Church function at all? Only by the operation of grace and His loving kindness.
It may seem contradictory, but it's not: all human beings are sinners; we need the means to be pleasing to God to be saved from this. We have to live righteous lives, so we need to be taught how to think and how to act and what to believe. More than than, we need to approach God in contrition, recognising the weakness of our own efforts, and with a hard heart broken and made fit for love.
This is the role of the Church in our lives. Jesus came to heal the sick, not the healthy, and we are the sick. The Church teaches, governs, and offers sacrifice - the latter by re-presenting Christ's Sacrifice on the Cross at Holy Mass. By offering our contrite selves joined with this Sacrifice it is made pleasing to God. This is the worship that He wants from us. The Church, then, gives us sacraments to participate in that make us worthy.
The upshot is: of course the ordinarily human beings within the Church are sinful - we are all sinners! But the mystical nature of the Church is perfect in that it is the ongoing presence of Christ on earth, acting for our salvation. We need the Church for that.
Why become a member? The next thing to discuss is: why do people want to become members of the Church? This is a tough one to address because no one can see into another person's heart. This means that there's a large amount of anecdotal evidence alongside more theological arguments.
God can actually provide an initial 'push' of grace that allows a person to respond to a call to move closer to Him. I think this is what happened to me. I spend years reading about religion, years reading the Bible, but it wasn't until I started to have strange episodes of having an overwhelming desire to pray that I felt a genuine desire to understand my own nature and to understand what God wanted from me.
There are other reasons for seeking to enter the Church. Some people will seek to do it for what some might see as 'less-than-pure motives'. Maybe they want to get their child into the local Catholic school, for example. I do want to say that 'purity of motives' is a very dicey thing to consider carelessly. Who's motives are pure? What judgements are you making about other people that you should probably avoid? Are you sure they're impure motives - how are you able to see into other people's hearts?!
Bear in mind that people live in time, too. They're motives for entering the Church might be utterly selfish (beyond the selfishness of wanting to be saved!) and irreligious but, over time, exposure to the culture may have a salutary effect. People might become more open to something good.
Maybe there's a tentative answer to the question, but it's not exactly satisfactory! How does one explain the obvious deficiencies? Quite often, one doesn't have to. Those who feel a call or, on some level, recognise their own brokenness don't necessarily live under a rock. They're aware of the issues, sometimes terrible, surrounding how some Church members act. They're responding to the mystical reality of the Church, not its worldly reality. As for those who have no interest in things like their own salvation, I suspect they've done a back-of-napkin calculation as to utility - again, being aware of the often terrible crimes of people who call themselves 'Catholics'.
Harsh reality None of which is to say, The sins of Church members are somehow excusable simply by being members of the Church. That isn't the case. God is merciful and his mercy is there for anyone who accepts it, but there has to be contrition, repentance, and a genuine desire to do penance and amend one's life. There's no cheap or easy forgiveness in the Church.
People may stumble along the way but they have to develop a genuine humility. Those who don't will face the judgement of a God who is just and, in a properly ordered society, the civil authorities - acting on God's authority - will take whatever measures are necessary against the worst criminals, whether reforming or punitive. Membership in the Church isn't a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card.
My friends talked about the element of scandal, which adds on to the above and makes our answer more complete. Sometimes, the actions of members of the Church do drive people away - those who are honestly seeking God but have an equally honest visceral reaction to the evil and hypocrisy they see. A vain priest. A rabbi with an uncomfortable, creepy line in conversation. Not only can they deter people coming to God but they can actively drive away those already established. This giving of scandal is itself a terrible sin.
I think that any answer I give to this could seem very glib. It'd be easy for me to say, "Look beyond that to the reality of the Church". There's an extent to which that's true (for example, in terms of the ontological changes wrought by priestly ordination) but the truth about that sort of comment is that it ignores that all religion has the dimension of human interrelationship to it. The priest that's lazy, or vain, or boastful, or arrogant when he should be the one man in many people's lives who is active, humble, gentle, and living his life for others is a genuine stumbling block.
Meeting some sort of standard of virtue isn't the point: the priest will personify something that needs to be real in people's lives. If he doesn't, and people react against that, then that's his fault and not the fault of the people to whom he should be presenting a Christ-like life. The priest should be a spiritual father to his people: if the children aren't acting as you'd expect or hope them to, do you blame the children or the parent that should be providing guidance and an example?
By encouraging people to fall away from the Church, that priest is imperilling their souls (besides his own) by encouraging the removal of the ordinary means to receive God's grace and from participation at Holy Mass. That's probably why we pray for good and holy priests so much in the Catholic Church!
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2022.01.23 12:13 Squadrist1 The ECP actually shows how capitalism breaks down with economic development

The Economic Calculation Problem (ECP) is a commonly cited argument against the viability of centrally planned economies. It states that, when there is no more price mechanism used for the allocation and valueing of capital goods, that "rational" allocation of resources becomes impossible, as one cannot calculate opportunity costs anymore. When private firms would judge whether they would use one material resource or another in their product, they can look to the market price of said capital good "in the general economy" and use the material resource that is the cheapest but also gets them the most customers. Central planners that run a fully state owned economy would not be 'producing' capital good prices and therefor could not "meaningfully" compare the usage of two capital goods with each other and make a "rational" decision on what resources to use.
Unbeknownst to those who use the ECP, is that the entire argument is based on the belief that an economy should be profit maximizing. That the purpose of production is to maximize profit. As such, they judge the functioning of firms and economic systems by how well they can maximize profit, which is what they mean when they talk about "efficiency": to be monetarily efficient, to spend the least money to earn the most money. When an economic system or firm is able to maximize profit as best as it can, it is considered efficient and also "rational". To maximize profits is to be rational, for them.
What they are thus right to examine, is that when you enter the scale of a centrally planned economy, that the ability to maximize profit breaks down. You cant be "efficient" the way they define it, because you dont know how to maximize profit because there are no prices for capital goods. You cant make "rational" decisions to them because you dont know what goods to use to maximize profit. However, they stop here, and say that 'thus' "the economy" would fail and break down. But they say that because the definition of an economy is capitalism to them. Because you know what this means in practice? Just that a firm at the scale of a centrally planned economy is unable to maximize profit.
As such, rather than the ECP being an argument against socialism (presuming that socialists want to maximize profit or need to to have a functioning economy), it actually aids in the material analysis of Marxism, in showing that the profit motive necessairily breaks down as firms reach the size of centrally planned economies. Considering that capitalism itself has a natural tendency to centralize capital, whereby the big firms outcompete the small firms and appropiate their market share, equipment and labor all the time, and markets become increasingly concentrated into fewer firms, it is inevitable that with continued development of the productive forces (and thereby the economy) that capitalism would die, and that socialism would be necessairy to keep production going.
This is all to say that the terms of efficiency, rationality and opportunity costs that proponents of capitalism and markets use are actually meaningless for a socialist system that does not care about maximizing profits. They only apply to capitalist economies because their health is measured by profitability, while they are inadequate tools of measurement for socialist economies that dont even try to be profitable.
And no, before you ask, you dont need to maximize profit to have a functioning economy whereby producers produce according to demand. You can have supply meet demand just by producing as such that the market prices of final goods equate to their production costs. Intermediate goods dont need to be valued in other ways than natural units (see calculation in natura), as consumer demand can directly be used to prioritize resources for one good vs another.
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2022.01.23 12:13 Soham_83229 funi hai kya mimi?

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2022.01.23 12:13 Individual_Job969 Spotted climbing toads

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2022.01.23 12:13 Izzy_fromTDI Camp TV Heather

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