[POSITIVE] for /u/Meg--Griffin [seller]

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. It’s been a wild few weeks for LeBron James, from getting fined for a crude celebratory dance to his Covid scare … We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Polar Covalent Bonds. Covalent bonds in which the sharing of the electron pair is unequal, with the electrons spending more time around the more nonmetallic atom, are called polar covalent bonds. In such a bond there is a charge separation with one atom being slightly more positive and the other more negative, i.e., the bond will produce a dipole moment. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. BJP national president Jagat Prakash Nadda on Monday tested positive for Covid-19. Hymns and Favorites is a listener-supported, commercial-free, worldwide, media ministry. Listen at home or in the office to some of the world's most inspiring music on Hymns and Favorites. www.scmp.com Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar has tested positive for Covid-19. She has been admitted to Breach Candy hospital in Mumbai.

2022.01.23 12:03 tdk0 [POSITIVE] for /u/Meg--Griffin [seller]

great seller, smooth transaction.
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2022.01.23 12:03 Hot_Chance_5442 Jed helps with Dreamstate perspective

A couple years back I read a book called "The Wayfarers". It outlined the activities of a spiritual master "Meher Baba", who traveled all around India meeting with those souls whom he deemed "God-Intoxicated" (I prefer "God-Bedazzled" though!), basically the guys (and an occasional gal) who were sitting in the desert in contemplation. Meher Baba's people would go in advance to a village, ask who the local holy guy was, apprehend him (or her) and bring them back in time to meet with Meher Baba upon his arrival for a private meeting & counseling of some sort. He judged their condition to be problematic in some way and worked to bring them back in touch with the ordinary world.
This book puzzled me for quite a while, and I thought about it often. Meher Baba was revered in India and had many followers. But what was he doing actually? The book does not go into any details about the mysterious meetings, just the outcomes. The outcomes were a mixed bag; some "successes", with a degree of re-integration with the physical world, and "failures" with others who resisted his efforts until he sent them back to where they were found.
The term the book used to define these people was "mast" and meant a spiritually advanced soul who was so enthralled with God that they lost touch with the ordinary world.
So rereading the JedTalks Trilogy, I was finally able to make some sense of this whole Meher Baba thing. To those of you reading this, the truth may seem obvious, but this was a big insight for me.
I realized that:
a) those "masts" are folk who have awakened FROM the Dreamstate. Their behavior (isolation, immobility, non-communicativeness, inscrutability) makes perfect sense given their situation of finding themselves awakened from the Dreamstate.
b) Meher Baba is trying his damnedest to re-integrate them into the Dreamstate.
c) Meher Baba is an agent of Maya.
d) At first I thought that Meher Baba, as an agent of Maya, is doing "evil" work, but then I realized that...
e) He is giving them a second chance to turn back from their "awakened from the Dreamstate" back into (perhaps) awakened WITHIN the Dreamstate. To be a bit more functional within the world.
And he did seem to have some successes, masts who changed somewhat from the incommunicative enigmas into being a bit more socially interactive and appropriate. Some outright turned away from his efforts, but some were more open to his manipulations and exhibited changes as a result.
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2022.01.23 12:03 Aggravating-Wish-663 https://discord.gg/aDVUTW88DA

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2022.01.23 12:03 chrisor97 [Nintendo Switch] LOL Surprise Remix We Rule The World - Nintendo Switch Games and Software is $24.04

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2022.01.23 12:03 mallardramp Cracks in plaster walls and ceilings -- water damage or settling?

Does anyone have any input or suggestions for assessing whether some cracking in plaster walls and ceilings are from water damage or settling?
We're working on trying to rule out various possibilities, but would appreciate any tips if folks have them. Basically had thought that some were from settling and now thinking that they're possibly from water.
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2022.01.23 12:03 ragingrage Dev Diary #29: The Xia

Dev Diary #29: The Xia Prepare Yourself, Challenger Greetings! I'm posting this on behalf of Redeye Flight, one of the many writers for Anbennar, and today they're here to introduce you to the crossroads of Haless – Xianjie – and the people and societies that have defined it for centuries through piety, simplicity, and devastating martial arts, known as the Xiaken. Yes, that’s right, Wuxia is coming to Anbennar.
Long kept to itself by philosophy and internal struggle, the lands of the Xian have been thrust into history’s way by the outside world, particularly the invasion of the Command. Whether this fractious land can even defend itself may be an open question – but a threat may be just what is needed to impel the Xiaken to truly rise to their potential. If they do, all of Haless may need to take heed of it, from the Paravimvata to the Northern Sea…

Behold Xianjie, a land of a thousand misty hills, each with a temple at its foot and a pavilion at its peak with students going through practice motions.
The Fragrant Domain Xianjie rests between the holy Mount Tughayasa, the mighty river Kharunyana, the towering Phokhao Range, and the forbidding Demon Hills. It sits between Rahen, Yanshen, and southern Haless, and so has been marked by and left its mark on all three of them. Myriad cultures and races walk through its valleys and fields. Much of it is hilly and densely forested, with vast karst towers draped in tough trees, though it can also boast some of the finest farmland in the region and, above all else, incense. Xianjie’s nickname of “the Fragrant Domain” comes from the myriad types of incense that grow in its hills and forests – fortunately, too, for the sake of the temples.
The people of Xianjie are among the most zealous followers of the Righteous Path in all of Haless, and for centuries they have been organized under the Xiaken – the great martial temples, nestled in its valleys, shrouded in its jungles, or perched atop its mountains, which oversee the care and organization of Xianjie’s people. None are more sacred than that of Xiadao, the point of balance within the universe, which lies at the heart of Xianjie and indeed of all of Haless. Guarded by the great fortress of the Liusibao, rising out of the Youxiahe River, control of the Xiadao means control of the Xiaken – but this is not an easy task.

A legend begins...
En Garde! I’ll Let You Try My Flowing Water Style! The Xiaken temples are masters of martial arts, making them some of the most deadly combatants in all of Haless, or indeed all of the world. Many of their arts also incorporate magic of various types into the combat style, producing exotic and devastating capabilities. Culture, class, and species are immaterial to the people of Xianjie – whether you are a human, a harimari, a harpy, or anything else, form is irrelevant. What matters is your fighting prowess, your chi, and the piety for the Righteous Path that is expressed through it. Cultivation of this as both an individual and a collective is key to the Xiaken, and troops that have mastered their chi can be unbelievably devastating on the battlefield.
The rest of Haless is fortunate, thus, that the Xiaken’s preferred way to express this is against each other. The Xiaken believe it is their spiritual right to express and show their will and ability to lead their brothers by beating the tar out of them, a philosophy known as Righteous Combat. This means that the Xiaken are at war with each other far more than anyone else, especially as only the leader of the Xiaken, the Wulin, has the authority to declare war on realms outside of Xianjie. The Wulin is also theoretically permitted to declare that a Xiaken has overstepped their bounds and strike to rein them in, but this would be extremely controversial and would never be done lightly. If you’re familiar with the vanilla Shogun-Daimyo system, it is very similar, but with less ordered suicide and more Shaw Brothers fight scenes.
In addition, Xiaken do not elect their leaders, nor are they hereditary – the master of a school must choose a disciple to succeed him, which does allow for great flexibility. The master is then charged with training his chosen successor, which can have dramatic improvements to their capabilities. The Masters meet every ten years in Xiadao at the summons of the Wulin for what is known as the Righteous Summit, where the affairs of the land are discussed in Humble Deliberation (often accompanied by combat sparring, because this is Xianjie), and the Wulin sets a course for the next ten years, deciding whether to focus inward, focus outward, or strike a balance between the two (which, again, can give a great deal of flexibility).

In this manner, the Xiaken have existed for hundreds of years in something approaching harmony, while the lands around them have convulsed in war and unrest. However, something new has arrived on the world scene, and it is reluctant to leave the Fragrant Domain to its militant lull.

The Command’s devastating invasion of Shamakhad has thrown Xianjie into chaos, especially as the hobgoblins have begun making their first inroads into their land. Soldiers desert from the armies, peasants flee the fields, and the temples, unsettled by the threat, have begun to strike at each other with the intention of establishing permanent superiority. Unifying the land would be a tall order – so long as any two Wulin and Xiaken exist, neither will truly acknowledge the other’s superiority, and the Command will not patiently wait for the Xiaken to sort out their internal troubles instead of pouncing on them while they weaken each other.
But if they were to unify, well…
If What You Say Is True, Then The One Xia Could Be Dangerous! If only one Xiaken is left standing and in control of the Xiadao, then they may declare themselves the One Xia – no longer a collection of fractious temples but one mighty force for righteousness and faith. This would be a very, very dangerous thing for the neighbors of the One Xia – the Xiaken do not tolerate things such as absolute rule, tyranny, oppression, or class, which can be found in every direction and particularly in fractious, stagnant Yanshen to their east. A unified Xia would be a massive military and economic power, and its sacred ambitions would be large.
Very, very large.
Like, VERY. One of the largest in the entirety of Anbennar.
With the old system of Wulin and Xiaken consigned to history, a new one must be devised to keep tyranny from taking hold over the Xian. The solution is about as Xian as it is possible to get – on the death of the First Master, the masters of the great martial schools and styles will meet and have a fighting tournament to determine who will lead them next. Not all strength is militant, either – some of the schools are better at organizing or diplomacy than pure combat, and thus One Xia can have true skill in all things if it needs it – though “most skilled” and “seen as most legitimate” are not always the same thing.

There is also the question of (Kongjiàn, Edge of the Void).
A jet-black jian of unfathomable sharpness and power, Kongren is the most dangerous weapon in all of Haless, capable of nullifying any magic it touches. It is held by the Order of the Keepers, who watch over the sacred blade at their temple near the gargantuan damestear deposit at Jianxusi. Wielding Kongren will make any man into a force of nature in battle, but the Keepers are careful with it, and even the ruler of One Xia must display true balance to convince them that they will not misuse the blade’s terrible power – which the Keepers can help them achieve, by learning their Still Ocean Technique. Of course, you could always try to just take it by force… if you think something like that is a good idea.
(On the other hand, if the Master of the Keepers wins out as the ruler of One Xia, well, you hardly need to prove your worthiness to your own order.)
All of these combine to make One Xia into a military superpower, which it will need to achieve its ambitions. The Command must be put into its place, and shown that its brutal discipline and heartless philosophies cannot compare to the true power of the Righteous, even if crushing it outright may be a tall order when the One Xia is still newborn. Destroying the hated Lefthand Path is high in the minds of the pious, which will require scouring the Demon Hills of that dire religion and may well necessitate grappling with the Command for the right to do so. Putting an end to the chaos and tyranny that grips Yanshen would show the people that they can trust in One Xia, as would restoring the Sacred Golden Highway once built by Jaher – and laying claim to the ill-gotten riches in the Yan cities, stolen and hoarded from her people, is also certainly tempting.
And if all these should be achieved… why stop there? Why not go further? North to the plains of the bird-riders, south to the jungles of South Haless… west into caste-bound, corrupt Rahen? Why should tyranny and fear be allowed to fester anywhere within Haless, when the Xiaken march together as one perfect soul, and strike as a giant shaking the earth?
Why indeed? An admin budget is a small price to pay for equality and harmony.
A Few Faces Among the Karst Mountains While the Xian may believe in equality, the simple fact is that some of the Xiaken are better placed than others to achieve these impossible heights – or at least to make the journey towards them interesting times. While listing all of the unique Xiaken would take a post all in itself, five are presented here as examples – four of which are considered home to great schools of the Xiaken, and the other of whom has… other advantages.

Jiangliusi are the Wulin, and have been for centuries, ministering the sacred site of Xiadao at the heart of Haless, and with it its crossroads of trade, technology, and culture. Masters of the School of Flowing Water, they have become experts at corralling the rowdy Xiaken and ministering to the land and its people. However, the chaos brought on by the Command may sorely test their ability to adapt, and more than any of the lower temples, they will have to be masters of diplomacy to see the Xiaken survive their greatest test.
Fengzhaobu in the north are the mightiest Harimari temple in Xianjie, and indeed the largest overall, controlling four provinces where none other control more than three. Masters of the Path of the Crouching Tiger, Fengzhaobu can quickly overtake their neighbors to become a dominant force, and indeed they must: the other Xiaken will band together to stop them if they become too threatening, and when – not if – the Command decides to strike, Fengzhaobu is directly in their path and will take the first blow.

Feng Wuzhe is the land of the Feng Harpies, converted to the Righteous Path by the indomitable diplomacy of the ancient master Dasheng. High in the southern hills, the Wuzhe have mastered the Way of the Dancing Breeze, a defensive school of deceptive power whose wind magic meshes perfectly with their flying combat skills. With their speed and infantry prowess, the Wuzhe could be a truly terrifying force when the One Xia’s infantry mastery is fully realized – but they must reach it, first, and they have many rivals around them in the hills.

Jianxusi is the sacred home of the Order of the Keepers, the guardians of the great blade (Kongren, the Void’s Edge). It also holds a massive rarity in the world of Anbennar – a damestear deposit so large it may be considered permanent. These are great advantages, and the Keepers are well-respected, but respect alone will not unify the Xiaken – only strength will. If the Jianxusi Temple means to head that unification, they will have to leverage their advantages to the hilt.

Finally, the rainbow-temple of Rang Nartak sits at the western edge of Xianjie, and are newcomers to the land, driven there by their erstwhile fellows among the Elephant Lords of Dhugajir. Having won their place through victories, Rang Nartak has many advantages such as their system of color-coded ranks, and their recruitment of grateful no-hopers from the vast population of Sarisung. However, their greatest is in their heritage – Rang Nartak alone among the Xiaken has the knowledge and means to train Raheni elephant cavalry, and will need this advantage to succeed among their fellows.
I could tell you more, of course. I could tell you of the legendary cliff-city of Aoshan, of the sacred smokes and illusions of the Vidvakhoka Temple, of the eel-eating water-architects of Shanyutian, or the Tiantang Jia of Mao Ji which can be seen from anywhere within a week’s march. But the best way to learn the wonders of Xianjie is to see it for yourself.
Before I leave you, I just wanted to credit the user DrainedAugustus, who pretty much single-handedly created all the above (and that's likely to be their second-biggest contribution to the upcoming Warlords of Haless update, so look forward to more!)
So head over to Discord or join /Anbennar, and grab the dev build on the Bitbucket to check out the newest content today. We’re always looking for more contributors as well, so if you’d like to push your own soul to ascendant heights by means of worthwhile labour (in EU4 modding), take a look at Dev Diary 20 and join us on the Discord!
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2022.01.23 12:03 Otec_Mitrofan at last 🤯

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2022.01.23 12:03 Loopy098 leash reactivity/environment desensitization 1 year old doberman

I have a female Doberman a little over 1 year old and looking for training advice. We originally wanted to train her for Schutzhund. We were consistently training from 2 months old until about 11 months old. However the training facility is 2 hour round trip and just couldn't do it anymore with our schedules. We are still training obedience and engagement on our own but are pausing on Sch for now. We also got her during Covid and middle of winter last year so this is on us, but we didn't socialize and just do basic desensitization as much as we should have. Again we were very focused on the Schutzhund training which is great but now noticing she has some leash reactivity and stranger danger with others. I have watched her body language and seems the leash reactivity is not aggression - she gets overly excited to see this other dog (or some excited prey drive with smaller dogs I think), and gets frustrated by the leash/counter pressure that she cannot go see the dog. She barks and excitedly growls. When on walks if another person stops to talk and faces us forward, she will bark at them like "back up" (when she warms up to people or environment she is a sweetheart). While on leash walks she is not interested if I attempt to refocus her on me with food, she looks at the food but back at the dog/person and is not intrigued. On walks she continues to walk in front of me because she gets distracted on heeling but I stop, wait for her to heel and then continue.
Things I've done: At home I have been enforcing more structure - use of "place", taking away free roaming downstairs when unattended so she is crated if we aren't with her, better boundaries with being on couch/affection/attention. Will be implementing more trips to Home depot and Petsmart (due to winter weather) to practice obedience in a distracting place and desensitizing. She walks on a prong collar and will respond to a gentle correction from it to come back to heel but then continues to scoot out in front of me. Also will be looking into group adv. obedience classes. We have been to these so she knows her long down, sit, stand, etc. But I think would be good to go back to basics in a distracting environment where she has to ignore other dogs.
Seeking tips for:

  1. decreasing reactivity on leash
  2. desensitizing to strangers
  3. getting her to be more focused on me during walks rather than scanning environment and being ADD (when we practice the structured Schutzhund obedience routine her focused heeling is great... it's just when we are out in public or on a trail walk that she is not focused on me)
  4. What should I be rewarding and how, and what should I be correcting/how/when
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2022.01.23 12:03 chrisor97 [Nintendo Switch] PGA Tour 2K21 is $11.15

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2022.01.23 12:03 Apprehensive-Rest795 What is the hardest thing for you to understand about the Polish language?

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2022.01.23 12:03 badxvirus I saw this posted on my local FB group for a new restaurant opening

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2022.01.23 12:03 przepson5000 Funny lobby, but it's actually tournament - OMW 2022: Deadly Marathon Tournament (10k-100k, January 24th)

I know this is not good spot for theese posts, but tomorrow is a day! (plus i know many players didn't read posts on forum ;d)
Hello everyone, I want to invite you to participate in my unusual tournament which is OMW 2022: Deadly Marathon Tournament which will take place on Monday, January 24th!
Funny and long as f match, everyone from 10k to 100k can participate
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2022.01.23 12:03 Critical_Mass420 😎 (i cant fucking take it anymore)

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2022.01.23 12:03 takhfifekhob کفش ورزشی مردانه Meindl مدل 24968

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2022.01.23 12:03 TerminalSnoozer Your favorite "feel good" movie(s)?

Just watched "The Fundamentals of Caring" (Paul Rudd, Selena Gomez) last night with a few friends and it felt like it fit the bill for a wholesome/'feel good' movie genre perfectly
As a fan of the thriller, suspense and horror genres, this felt like a perfect little escape 🥲
What's your favorite 'feel good' movie?
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2022.01.23 12:03 duke_of_germany_5 Truth

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2022.01.23 12:03 ClimateTribune Shell's Alberta carbon capture plant doesn't really capture much of anything

The promises of blue hydrogen are proving to be over-hyped and under-delivering when it comes to combatting climate change. Many polluters pushed blue hydrogen, which is created by using methods that separate natural gas into hydrogen and carbon dioxide, because it offers carbon capture strategies
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2022.01.23 12:03 crytoloover BABY DOGECOIN बड़ा धमाका होगा 🥳 BABY DOGECOIN COIN FUTURE 😍 BABY DOGECOIN PRICE PREDICTION 2022

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2022.01.23 12:03 tightenupthatbhole Kids w dad issues?

Need advice.. so my monster is 3- and this is an ongoing issue we have been having. My kid hates being left alone w his dad and would rather lock himself in his room than spend time with him. Now myself, I would not condone this, but his father just accepts it and walks away to go back to playing on his phone. This is putting a strain on myself and our relationship bc I already take on pretty much all of the parenting. Not joking, so I’ve been patiently trying to nurture thier relationship from afar in hopes it would alleviate some of the ‘I have ZERO me time’ and I literally just work then come home to be a mom. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it- I just would appreciate like a solid day to myself without feeling guilty for FORCING my kid to hang out w his dad. I feel like I am co-parenting w my mom at this point bc she watches him while I’m at work and is the only other person that will take my kid for a night so I can sleep. My kid gets little to no interaction with a father that is physically present- and neither one of them seem to care. How can I change this bc it bothers me?
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2022.01.23 12:03 Flagsinredofficial If you could write, and produce your own es game (which means location, npcs, characters, weapons, armor, .etc) what would you do?

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2022.01.23 12:03 iSasson After months of waiting, I received a call from my AD…

A watch is finally available. I was looking for the 126234 (36mm Datejust, black dial, oyster bracelet, fluted bezel)
The one he has available is 36mm Datejust, navy dial, jubilee bracelet, smooth bezel.
Not exactly what I was looking for. But wondering if I should buy it based on wait times. What do you think?
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2022.01.23 12:03 aliu138 Aaron Rodgers would have won if he wore a Seahawks jersey

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2022.01.23 12:03 chrisor97 [Nintendo Switch] My Universe, Pet Clinic: Cat and Dogs Switch - Nintendo Switch Games and Software is $33.56

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2022.01.23 12:03 PortugalOnReddit [r/todayilearned] TIL that Tempura originated from Portugal

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2022.01.23 12:03 imverytired1111 How to survive work?

I've been working with covid from the very first case in my city. The job wasn't as horrible as the others I had, but there definitely were problems, lack of breaks, rude patients, no lunch breaks etc, but it was bearable and they were paying extremely well.
I quit at the end of November and became sah partner, while also studying and ?working? at unpaid internship.
The manager from my covid job called me yesterday begging me to return, because they're very understaffed due to covid (omicron?) spreading between staff and a lot of people quiting due to being afraid to get sick, well I agreed because, there's no fixed hours, the pay is good, I have 3 shots and was sick, and the only requirement is to work at least 3.5 hours a month.
My main motivation to work is traveling, I want to put all my money I'll earn towards traveling and have a nice, long vacation in summer.
But I get horrible when I have to work, I mean I do all the tasks and do them well, but inside I feel horrible, I'm angry, I'm tired, I want to go home, nothing seems to motivate me anymore, I can't get over it no matter how much I try.
But I really want that vacation lol
What's your best tips for surviving a very stressful work day, when you can't leave a workplace or get a break?
Thank you!
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