Brookfield High (PT 1)

2021.12.05 02:14 shrimpystickman Brookfield High (PT 1)

(Major Fix, Remastered this old title, don't worry, new stuff will come.)
My name is Vincent Roberts, most call me Roberts or Vince. I was born in Long Beach California and moved to Brookfield, deeper into the valley and close to Nevada. I was 18 at the time and had to move high schools as a part of my moving, this is how I made it to Brookfield High.
Chapter 1 (With Friends Like Mine)
I woke up to the hot and humid air, the sun was on my face, I couldn't sleep as I was sweating in fear and anxiety for going to this new school. I woke up around 8:30 and went on a run before school, my legs ached but that wasn't important.
I ran until I finished and then went and got stuff from home and quickly ate breakfast before leaving for Brookfield High, mom bought me a bike so I had no near misses for being late.
I made it at the front of the school and saw the colossal school building, it towered over me and created a shadow over me, literally and figuratively. I took in a big gulp and walked into the school, everyone was by their locker and grabbed their books.
By the door is what looked to be a teacher, "Vincent Roberts? Follow me to the principal's office." She said. I walked with her and felt everyone was watching, watching me. it felt like a prison where they watched the 'new meat'. Although I had never been to prison and hopefully won't, we had made it to the principal's office.
"Take a seat, Vince." The principal said. I responded by saying "My friends call me Roberts, and I consider people call me that." I said. "Ok..." She replied sounding confused. My parents weren't the type to use first names.
I sat down on the chair and she continued. "I understand it's the first day here in Brookfield High, my vice-principal will show you around and will, and afterward's you will choose your electives." She said.
I felt sick hearing all this, I was nervous and scared of my new, well new. The vice-principal takes me and my parents around the school and I memorize this labyrinth of a school, Afterwards, I and my parents picked my electives, I picked U.S. world politics, Logic, Weightlifting, Computer applications Programming/languages. I was a major nerd, but I wanted to also be fit, smarts and strength make a warrior.
I return home and realize I go to school tomorrow, today was just my enrollment. I tend to get sick and get sick I will. The next day I wake up and get ready for school, I ride on my bike and there it is, that ominous school signing "Welcome to Brookfield High" it should have said, "Welcome to your fate, Roberts.
I walked in and saw students by their locker talking to friends, I took a deep breath and got myself hyped. I began to go to my classes, I finished U.S/ World politics and the bell finally rang, I immediately headed to the cafeteria and sat down.
Someone came up to me and started to introduce themselves, "New kid right? I'm Marco, Marco Albano." He said. "Vincent Roberts, friends call me Roberts. Sit, I would love to get to know you." I said.
"You need friends in high school, for an increase in confidence and social status." He said. "You are smart huh?" I said. "I am Italian, also I smell like garlic because my mother got some on me." He said. Suddenly, something caught my eye that I couldn't look away from.
It was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, she had brown and kinda long but kinda short hair. I began to look away from her blue jacket and blue jeans, "Who is that in the blue Levi trousers?" I asked Marco.
"Ali? what about her?" Marco said. I began to look at her again but she'd flown the coop, instead, a big and tall jacket-wearing student took her place. He yelled "What new kid? go look at someone else!"
"Go gain more fat and leave Roberts alone," Marco said, nonchalantly. "Thanks for the backup. I think I'm in love with Ali." I said. Marco chuckled. "Oh really now? Well, go find her if you want to." Marco said. Marco gave me his number and left to go to class.
I sat down next to Ali. "Hey, I'm Roberts Vincent Roberts. An untimely introduction but an introduction nonetheless." I said formerly. "Ali Miller," She said. "Nice to meet you, I'm from Long Beach, CA but moved here." I said.
"Interesting, you're name is English or Welsh. I'm assuming you are from there?" she asked. "I am Part French but mostly American, what nationality are you?" I asked. "British-American, my father was a full Englishman but he died when I was five." She stated.
"My condolences, I am sorry to hear," I said, trying my best to not appear awkward. The conversation ended because of the infamous bell, "Nice meeting you Ali, I'll talk to you tomorrow at lunch." I said. "You seem like an interesting person, I'll call you." She gave me her number and began to leave.
Once I exited the school I was so happy, I heard getting a girl's number is a step towards being with them. I headed straight home and eat dinner, I listened to some music and fall asleep.
Chapter 2 (The Fuss)
BEEP *BEEP *BEEP *BEEP I shut off my alarm and checked the time, "Oh crap!" It was 9:00 AM. I got dressed and brushed my teeth and hair, I jumped on my bike and rode straight to school, I locked my bike and ran into the school.
I got my books and ran into U.S history and world politics. "Roberts, you're late." My history teacher said. "It depends on how you expect us, high school kids, to own a car or get here when, from a student's perspective, are 20 minutes away while traveling on a bike that can go only 10 miles an hour." I said.
All the students watched in awe, I just stood up to my teacher. All of my classmates had the same reaction, "He stood up to his teacher." They whispered, "He's awesome!" "Yeah dude, you gotta give him props." One of my classmates said. I sat back down and the class went on, as usual, afterward, the bell rang and I went to lunch.
"Roberts! everyone is talking about how you stood up to Mr. Oswald!" Marco said excitedly. "It was just a sophisticated argument against something unfair, I didn't do it just to be a popular kid." I said. Ali sat down next to me, she said "I heard about what you did, Mr. Oswald is a tough cookie and I think you did what was right." She said. "Guys, 6 O'Clock it's Thompson." Marco said.
I looked and saw the kid from yesterday, he walked over here and I looked away and ate my food. "Give me your stuff, we can make this easy." Thompson said in a demanding tone. "Miller, your purse now. I ain't going to spare you for a beatdown." He said.
"How about you get some money and valuables of your own? get away from us and eat while lunch is still going on." I said. "You know Roberts, sometimes you're too much work, you're lucky you got a cute little friend like Ali who wants to help you." He said.
"Don't talk to Ali that way." I said standing up. "What? got a crush new kid? Sit down before you get some." he said. I felt anger and frustration in my chest, I clenched my fist and threw a punch. My hand hit Thompson's face as hard as I could.
He went crashing to the ground and was bleeding, his blood was everywhere but the cuts were superficial enough for him to walk, "Get the fuck away." I growled. Thompson crawled away and tried his best to get away but he lost consciousness.
I sat back down and ate my food, "Roberts! my man! he's my boy right here!" Marco to yelled. students started to record and take pictures, a teacher and a nurse came out and carried Thompson away.
Ali looked surprised and impressed, "Thank you, Roberts, someone had to put him in his place." She said. "I may not look menacing but I won't let my good friend get robbed." I said. "I appreciate it, Roberts. See ya' later then?" She said, smiling. "Definitely." I nodded. "Okay then, see ya soon." She said.
The bell rang and I went to my other classes, school ended and I went back home.
Chapter 3 (A Mixed Bag full of weird and friendship.)
I woke up and did my morning routine, got ready, and got on my bicycle, and rode to school. I saw something rather strange, a military caravan was parked in the back of the school. "Military? By a school?" I thought.
Maybe it was a military workout of some sort, I entered the school and nobody was there. a security guard was by a door and said, "Go to the cafeteria, no lollygagging." He said.
I walked to the cafeteria and was very confused when I entered everyone was sitting down, quiet. I sat down next to Ali and Marco, "What's going on?" I asked Marco. He turned to me and said, "There are soldiers in our school!" We all stared in disbelief and began to discuss what it could mean.
"Well, what do you think they want?" A girl named Jessica questioned. Marco replied, "We don't know yet, but they probably won't come to our school" Marco replied. "Something funky is going on, I want to know." I added
After an hour of waiting the vice-principal comes out and says's "Everyone please return to you're classes, do not be late, and remember, a party will be thrown for a celebration of our new change from fossil fuels to renewable energy!" She yelled before returning to the principles office.
I did the rest of my classes and exited the school, I saw Ali sitting on a bench, I assumed she was waiting for her ride so I walked up to her and asked: "You waiting for someone?" "My mom was supposed to pick me up, She is very busy and my dad returns home late." She said.
I unlocked my bike and asked: "Hop on, I'll take you home." I said. Ali climbed on, her backpack was on her lap, "Where does your house at?" I asked. Ali answered, "I live in the apartment above my grandma's house, it's nice though."
"I lived there until I moved here three years ago when my grandma passed away." I explained. she put her hands around my waist to hold on and I felt a little sick, my crush is touching me!? but I ignored it and started to accelerate.
The sky was had an orange color, along with the blue it made the sky gorgeous. "Your parents aren't home?" I asked. "No, they travel a lot." Ali replied. She smiled. We continued to ride the bike in silence, I noticed the sky was becoming sky orange, I knew it was a sunset.
"Then let's make a quick detour, I want to show you something." I said. When I moved to Brookfield I had seen a hill that was a nice place to watch the sunset, this may be my chance to make our friendship closer.
When we were riding up the hill I felt Ali hold on my waist tighter, "We're so high up!" She yelled. Once we finally made it up I dismounted and started to witness the sunset, Ali was in awe of the beautiful sunset.
"This is nice Vince, or do you prefer Roberts?" She asked. "Both I guess, but to answer your question, I prefer Roberts." I replied. "This is so beautiful, it's like I could touch the clouds. thank you for sharing this with me, unfortunately, I need to get home and do homework." She said.
"This is the best part, going down." I said. I hopped on my bike and started to go down, "I swear if we crash I will finish the job that this hill couldn't." She warned me in fear. As we descended the hill she let out a quick scream, I stopped towards her house and parked my bike.
"I'll call you when I get home, I'll see you at school. Do you see what I mean?" I asked. "Yes, now go home before your mom grounds you." She replied. I rode home and parked my bike in the garage, "Hey son! I made some Boeuf Bourguignon, a dish back home in France." She said.
"I would like to visit France, after all, it is a part of me." I replied. "Don't forget to do your homework before bed, you do it too late and make it hard to sleep." Dad said. We ate and afterward, I started to do my homework. I began to face-timed Ali, I saw her eyes open, she saw me and greeted me, "Good evening Roberts!" She said.
"Good evening," I answered. We talked for some time. "So, tomorrow is the party for the school turning to renewable energy, maybe we can hang out afterward, and go to the movies?" I asked. "Sure! the party is full of toupee-wearing teachers." She joked.
I started to laugh and she did too, "I gotta go to sleep, night Ali." I said. "Night Roberts." She said. I hanged up and went to bed,
Chapter 4 (Fear at the Party)
I woke up to the sun on my face. I got dressed in a nice top coat and rode to school, I got there and seen something strange again, Two military soldiers were holding a big crate.
I ignored and entered the school, we did our first class and then we were directed to the cafeteria to the party. When we got there we took off our backpacks and started to listen to music, I saw Ali by the punch and walked towards her.
She was wearing a beautiful skirt and I got a little sick, "Hey Ali, some party huh?" I said mockingly. "Yeah, hey where's Marco?" She asked. "Don't worry guys, the party just got more fun. Madame and Monsieur, we are all good copains." He said.
"Soooo flattering, be a dear and get some water, please?" I asked. "Bien Sur monsieur." He said in french. "He is ridiculous, spent too much time in French class." I said. Suddenly, Marco was gone.
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2021.12.05 02:14 geneyvqcj Re-Linking DNG files as .CR2 files? ??

I possess used individual catalogs for editing for years and have started the process of going back and converting old CR2 (Canon) files to lossy DNG files in a separate larger catalog - it saves a ton of time to do this in batch in a large catalog instead of having to do it individually for smaller catalogs. Question is - when I go back into the smaller individual catalogs, the files ‏‏‎ are un-linked because the file extension has changed from CR2 to DNG. Is it possible to re-link them besides having to do it file-by-file?
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2021.12.05 02:14 Revolutionary_Clue10 How short or how long would Berserk be if Guts had an AK-47?

Laughing my ass off rn, thinking about it.
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2021.12.05 02:14 Responsible-Show-831 2014 Audi RS5 - DSG gearbox Issues

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction to get this looked at or if this is normal or not?
I just purchased a 2014 RS5 and the car is phenomenal outside of this weird transmission issue I am facing. I am not sure if this would be considered normal, this is the first dual clutch I have owned.
Basically when I am at a standstill, have the car in dynamic and manual mode, in 1st gear, and then wide open throttle, the car seems to have this delay where the RPMS go up slightly (maybe like 1500 or 2000rpms) and the car begins to move forward at a slight speed and then it feels like the clutch engages normally and the car flys.
In addition to that problem above, I also noticed that when I am soft on the pedel( ie. light pressure on gas pedal or no pressure on gas pedal) and in manual mode, and then downshift, and then immediately try to accelerate throttle or 3/4 throttle the car has a brief moment of no power, and then the clutch engages and the car flys.
I still have the option to buy the extended warranty which I got quoted Audi platinum care for 4yrs 40,000kms at $5,400(CAD)(yikes).
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2021.12.05 02:14 PNWmamabear1011 Is this a joke?

I bought a new zx for my son directly from super73 on November 10. I have had nothing but problems! 1) failed to provide me with shipping company information so I could track my package. 2) failed to inform me that I’d need to make an appointment with this shipping company to receive my package 3) gave the shipping company the wrong phone number to reach me to set up an appointment. My bike could have sat there for who knows how long, had I not reached out 4) one week after receiving bike it dies 5) for a company where people pay them THOUSANDS of dollars…their customer service is crap! No one returns emails or phone calls.
Hoping they redeem themselves with the new controller they’re sending or I’ll be contacting an attorney.
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2021.12.05 02:14 Weazy0801 Is this guy a scammer? Getting scam vibes
I also added him. Here were some exchanges from him
“Ok then, I need a gift card worth of 350$ to contact my lawyer for my late wife inheritance fund transfer, and for the posting of my birthday photos on my medias ok.”
“I need $435 and a surprise package for my daughter as well, a woman who can be besides me on that day, and a woman who my daughter can call mom.“
“I really need money now ok.“
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2021.12.05 02:14 dfsmslgt how should I respond to catfish

in my previous post I mentioned that this person I met through hinge may very likely be a catfish. the rundown is that their pictures looked too good to be real, we arranged to meet up next week where he would drive up to my place, yesterday they suddenly told me their friend wrecked their car, apparently the only repair shop in town isn't taking appointments and they need to drive all the way back home (out of town) to get it fixed. and they will stay at home for the holidays. so essentially no way of meeting up with me for the next entire month.
after they sent me that whole convoluted explanation I simply just said "mm yeah ok" because I was too over it to bother calling them out on it. but they replied with "I was literally having a mental breakdown yesterday [because of the car thing]."
I have a few options here:

  1. just ghost the catfish
  2. straight up ask them if they made up an excuse to get out of meeting up and if they did, I'd appreciate just hearing the truth
  3. offer to drive down to his place instead and see what he says about that
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2021.12.05 02:14 Living_in_Darkness_ I’m scared. Where was I?

I just spent 2 days in “Wyoming” but seeing as that isn’t possible… where was I?
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