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need help from other intps (vent)

All types use feeling and thinking, but prefer one over the other. Remember that the thinking/feeling dichotomies are preferences and focus in on how people decide. ... INTPs are skeptical, big-picture focused, ... EFJs tend to “vent” and express their frustrations readily. They are extremely aware of other people’s emotions, but may ...

2021.12.05 02:32 Drojo1234 need help from other intps (vent)

Just had a friend tell me pretty much I need help, that I needed to do something and then continued to tell me some other stuff (that I kinda already knew but you need a friend to tell you) and that I have many opportunities, that I’m lucky I even have roof (yes im 23 still live with my parents). And that he had other friends thats told him at some point they liked me, but because they didn’t see me do much besides play xbox they lost interest, I mean you don’t wanna be with a nobody right?
And yes I know I HAVE to do something but it is so hard to function in the outside, I think of myself as pretty much useless when it comes to any kind of jobs. Not really a fan of the school system. So pretty much i hate life and the cycle that there is to it (study, work, home) Living is expensive like how? I rather not? Anyways its a hate/love thing because now I will tell you how cool it would be for me to study criminal psychology and end up in the FBI somehow because I binged watch Mindhunters…HOLY SHIT IMAGINE WITH AN FBI JACKET AND ALL oof daddy anyways.
Im just scared about failing and thinking Im too old to start things, like when I was 10+ I thought I would’ve had a family but im literally sleeping on the floor in a corner (I like it its ok i have a bed) Really don’t like school, but i would like to learn and get one of those jackets eventually right? And even if I try to look for a job I don’t think I could actually do the job. But if I want a girlfriend and friends I need money to go out, to meet people which isn’t really my forte. Life so stressful for no reason bruh. I cant get a therapist because I have no job apparently?
Even thought about maybe doing “premium” stuff it looks and it is so much easier. Streaming & gaming would be 10/10. I honestly think I could be anything but theres some fear, no drive. I feel like I can give a lot but I literally have no idea how to anything. Anyways Im just rambling about my stupid lil life, I don’t think it even makes sense.
TLDR: Friend had real talk with me, got me thinking some, life is a joke but I wanna know how to life? Pretty much
If you want to ask or say anything please do
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2021.12.05 02:32 Chinola_7 My DIY Christmas tree what do you guys think? it was a lot of work but got it done I’m sooo happy with the outcome ready for the holidays 🎄

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2021.12.05 02:32 MichaelFurburger Spank That Bread The Music Video with Michael Furburger

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2021.12.05 02:32 dangwi I am just a clown

I don't know what to say, I just feel like a clown. I still let myself treat like that, because that slight hopium still lives inside me and she gives mixed signals.
I know it's probably over but she just suddenly gonna visit me for new years (we were ldr, never met yet), but even as she tried to keep contacting me after we had breakup and bad arguments, and I accepted it to see what's gonna happen.
But i don't know what to feel, sometimes I feel like she just needed someone to visit as a friend, or as a charity to meet. Like "we deserve to talk face to face", yet I feel treated as a friend, barely answering my texts while being online.
I'm a clown, dont be like me.
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2021.12.05 02:32 Sneakyferret07 I guess Alluux or Ash got caught on vacation!

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2021.12.05 02:32 Ragna_Blade I'm conflicted. I wanted to get this for my friend's kid. The's a dog chew toy. Should I still get it?

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2021.12.05 02:32 Tom_servo44 Looking for PAUL

Hello everyone, I have been here before for a fantasy knight commission, but today I am looking for something different. I am looking to commission a series of line art + full color images of 2 robots for a movie idea I had.
Similar to Chappie, monster of man, and the robots from elisum and (maybe cyberpunk?)
The humanoid shape - In two versions. (Will go into detail later)
I don’t have a price limit, just need them to be in the vision I have (lots of straight lines, tubing, metallic etc)
Leave a comment if you are interested, thanks!
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2021.12.05 02:32 AbsoluteEyeball Average redditor

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2021.12.05 02:32 tedcurran Track Group vs Signal Buss

Is there any meaningful difference between putting effects on a track Group vs sending all those tracks to a buss and adding effects there? I will have a Group for "drums" and add effects to all tracks on the Group. Am I doing this wrong?
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2021.12.05 02:32 ducky024 Sunset

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2021.12.05 02:32 eternalwhat This hog just wants to bless your holidays!

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2021.12.05 02:32 PrestoChango0804 heads up - twitter spaces this tuesday with dp julie kirkwood and creators may join

a friend of mine is doing a twitter spaces on YELLOWJACKETS this Tuesday at 4pm PST and the DP Julie Kirkwood is guesting and the creators Bart and Ashley may join too. Should be cool.
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2021.12.05 02:32 6eet6fuk6 Byeah

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2021.12.05 02:32 No_Dig_2134 What facial piercings would work for me? (Anything but lip ring on the left side as it has been done more then once and has scar tissue). Thanks !

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2021.12.05 02:32 BrotherOk351 如何评价ai的作诗水平

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2021.12.05 02:32 WonderfulBit628 Wishing my paycheck was above SAD

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2021.12.05 02:32 Alarmed_Hold_2013 Am I hot?🥺 [F27]

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2021.12.05 02:32 AceMaxWasTaken Good 👍

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2021.12.05 02:32 MidNiteLites91 Raylan Givens/Dexter Morgan crossover &/or connection

I've seen articles and blog posts comparing Raylan to Dexter, some even want a cross over of Raylan going toe to toe with Dexter. I also remember weeks before the show premiered a selling point was Justified was Dexter & Deadwood combined. I get that Raylan has a high body count and is all too willing to shoot first but I've never seen him as a serial killer in terms of say Dexter. Dexter loves to kill and gets a thrill out of doing so (also torturing his victims by tying them down naked and cutting their cheek to get blood as a trophy). You could argue Raylan kind of does the same (with hats apparently) but it seems like he kills more out of anger & just hating criminals as opposed to a (possibly sexual) thrill of ending a life. A crossover would be interesting, I'm a fan of Dexter for sure but I'd definitely be on Raylan's side, in fact having Dexter be killed by Raylan wouldn't be a bad ending for him lol. Anyway, does anyone see a Raylan/Dexter connection or would like to see the two cross paths?
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2021.12.05 02:32 AVRK_ The Shadow 9 Tactical Response Part II: Augments


  1. Titanium-Carbide Bones. Bone structure is imaged with a molecular scanner and micro-needle robotic machinery is used to disassemble bone structure and remake it out of T-C. Gene-editing is then used so that the body uses titanium and carbon (included in their specialized diet) to generate bone tissue rather than calcium, assisted by the resident nanite colony.
  2. Carbon-Nanotube Laced Bones. CNTs are weaved in and around the new bone structure to supplement resilience.
  3. Diamond-Nanorod Reinforcement. D-Ns are also inserted as supporting pillars of sorts, further supplementing durability, especially from compression and shear forces.
  1. Increased Muscle Fiber Density. Maximizes the fiber concentration of muscles, granting the optimal peak strength for the subject's musclemass.
  2. Nanotube Muscle & Tendon Weave. Each individual muscle fiber and tendon is entwined and interlaced with CNTs, granting near-total protection from tearing while still allowing for micro damage so as to not hinder the natural muscle building process. NTs are also enabled to contract under electric charge, dramatically increasing strength.
  3. Reactive Metallic Fluid. Held in an immaterial arcane field that mirrors the shape of muscles, weaved alongside CNTs. Adopts the shape of surrounding muscle tissue when contracted, but shares muscle memory and changes shape much faster than they do, which multiplies strength output several-fold.
  1. Multi-Layered Graphene Weave. Optimally engineered graphene, projected 300 times stronger than steel, tightly interlaced into dermal layers, totalling around 1mm on average. Renders subjects largely invulnerable to external damage beyond minor surface wear and tear.
  1. Photo-Receptor Inversion. Clears vision by allowing light pass directly to photoreceptor cells without having to pass through tissue first.
  2. Optic Nerve Displacement. Moves and angles the optic nerves slightly so that they no longer rest directly behind the retina, removing the natural blind spot.
  3. Synthetic Lenses. Organic lenses replaced with optically optimal artificial ones, increasing visual acuity several-fold.
  4. Synthetic Cones & Rods. Improve visual performance and converts infrareds to visible light, granting natural night-vision without a tell-tale glow.
  1. Tissue Repair. Rapid cellular regeneration and molecular repair.
  2. Toxin Filtering. Greatly reduces symptoms brought by toxic substances, quickly attenuates and cures effects. Outright prevents all adverse effects below a certain threshold.
  3. Synthetic Nano-Blood. Dramatically improves oxygenation and oxygen efficiency, allowing subjects to maintain full sprint for upwards of quarter hour and hold their breath for several hours.
  4. DNA Repair. Colony monitors and fixes genetic alterations, both maintaining procedural gene-editing and protecting the user from cellular damage.
  5. Expanded Nutritional Sources. Nanites can break down and extract nutrients from certain substances that the human body cannot naturally. A prime example is the ability to ingest wood and intake it as pure sugar as the nanites break down the cellulose.
  6. Myoglobin Micro Storage. Nanites further use this to store extra oxygen reserves throughout the body alongside the lungs. Supplement and improves the effects of Nano-Blood.
  1. Maximized Muscle Fiber Density. As described above
  2. Corrected Telomerase. Prevents DNA damage during cellular division, causing subjects to heal flawlessly and greatly increases both lifespan and the proportional length of their physical prime.
  3. Myelin Perfection. Optimizes myelin sheath around the nerves to multiply reaction time.
  4. Remove Muscle Output Limiters. Effectively grants subjects permanent passive hysterical strength. Also improves oxygen flow as a side-effect.
  5. Radiothrophic Melanin. Gives the body radiation absorbing tissues.
  6. Redundant Chromosome Copies. Greatly reduces the effects of DNA damage.
  1. Colluidal Crystal Nerve Injections. Increases signal conductivity, multiplying reaction time.
  2. Artificial Pump Heart Implant. Prevents wear and tear to heart tissue, greatly increases blood and oxygen flow, and removes need for heartbeat.
  3. Boron-Nitride Nanotube Supplementation. Further increases general durability and radiation resistance.
  4. Synthetic Nano-CSF. Improves the efficiency of cerebro-spinal fluid and protection from brain injury.
  5. Hyper Kinetic Gel Layers. Organs incased shock-dispersing semi-solid substance. reduces the damage from impact forces to non-debilitating degree that can be quickly remedied by nanite repair.
  1. Optical Arcana Redundant Neural & Nervous System, aka Charm of Alfar Skill. Runic blessing said to grant the "agility and/or dexterity of elves", research analysis concluded the effect was caused an additional super-imposed neural and nervous system which carries signals as a kind of supernatural light. Multiplies reaction time and movement speed by many-fold on top of the increases given by technological augmentations.
  2. Heat Warding. Greatly diminishes the susceptibility to heat of every material and substance in the subjects' bodies, whether the original organic ones or added synthetic ones, allowing them to survive largely undamaged in temperature extremes.
  3. Material Property Temporal Soft-Lock, aka Dwarven Proofing Enchantement. Essentially a redundant safety on the Heat Wards, allows crafted materials to maintain their form and function against ravages of the environment + wear & tear over time.
  4. Life-Force Anchor. Not a permanent effect, it was used to ensure the subjects' survival throughout the augmentions procedures.
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2021.12.05 02:32 MrNonNon Anybody know if the Halo 97117 Forward Unto Dawn set is rare at all? I have one and was just curious

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2021.12.05 02:32 Lolboi01 Can we not have these kinds of ads? They are so annoying. They are all scam websites

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2021.12.05 02:32 TheBingBuzz Asking people in Flushing, Queens, NYC: "What's your favorite place to eat at in Flushing?" Flushing's Favorite Restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant. We got pho noodle bowls with bone marrow there!

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2021.12.05 02:32 PuppyLover77 12 days of gift basket giveaways from Cheese & Wine Traders {US} (12/13/2021)

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2021.12.05 02:32 Tsuikyit_The_VIP Jewel from Rio is cute

I want to hug her
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